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About Us

Eversatis International Co., Ltd   Eversatis International Co., Ltd. is a professional exporter of lights products. Our lights products include LED lights, fluorescent tubes, circular fluorescent tubes, energy saving lamps and halogen lamps, etc.    With the principle of faith of profession and faith of value, we insist on aiming at providing customers with reliable quality, reasonable prices and excellent packaging services. Although our company is only for several years, the work team is quite professional in foreign trade.   With almost a decade of experience in this field, we have established strong and long-term business relationships with dozens of manufactures, which enable us to meet various customers' demands. Our products are popular with importers and...

Catalogue and Products

LED Tube

T8 LED Tube

LED-SY-T8-SMD3014, LED-SY-T8-SMD3528,

T5 LED Tube

LED T5 Tube

LED Flexible Strips

3528 Flexible Strips Non-Waterproof

ES-3528-30D-Flexible Strip-Non Waterproof, ES-3528-60D-Flexible Strip-Non Waterproof, ES-3528-120D-Flexible Strip-Non Waterproof,

3528 Flexible Strips Waterproof

ES-3528-120D-Flexible Strip- Waterproof, ES-3528-30D-Flexible Strip- Waterproof, ES-3528-60D-Flexible Strip- Waterproof,

5050 Flexible Strips Non-Waterproof

ES-5050-30D-Flexible Strip-Non Waterproof, ES-5050-60D-Flexible Strip-Non Waterproof,

5050 Flexible Strips-Waterproof

ES-5050-30D-Flexible Strip- Waterproof, ES-5050-60D-Flexible Strips-Waterproof,

RGB-Flexible Strips

ES-RGB 5050-60D-Flexible Strips, ES-RGB 5050-30D-Flexible Strips,

LED Bulb

Global LED Bulb

LED bulb-A-A50-2W, LED bulb-A-A50-3W, LED bulb-A-A55, LED bulb-A-A60 10W, LED bulb-A-A60 7W, LED bulb-A-A60-ceramic, LED bulb-A-G45-2W, LED bulb-A-G45-3W, LED bulb-A-P45-2W, LED bulb-A-P45-3W, LED-SY-G50-SMD-A, LED-SY-G60-SMD-A, LED-SY-G60B-SMD,

Candle LED Bulb

LED bulb-A-C37 candle-T2-2W-Ceramic, LED bulb-A-C37 candle-T2-3W-Ceramic, LED-SY-C37 Power, LED-SY-C37 SMD, LED-SY-C37F37 15SMD-A, LED-SY-C40-SMD,

LED Spotlight

Power LED Spotlight

1X3W GU10 LED Spotlight, 3X1W GU10 LED Spotlight, 4X1W GU10 LED Spotlight, 4x2W GU10 LED Spotlight, 7W Sharp GU10 LED Spotlight, 5W Sharp GU10 LED Spotlight, JDR 1X3W LED Spotlight, JDR 3X1W LED Spotlight, JDR 4X1W LED Spotlight, MR11 1X1W LED Spotlight, MR11 1X2W LED Spotlight, MR16 1X3W LED Spotlight, MR16 3X1W LED Spotlight, MR16 4X1W LED Spotlight, MR16 Sharp LED Spotlight,

SMD LED Spotlight

LED Spotlight-A-JCDR+C-SMD3528, LED Spotlight-A-JCDR+C-SMD5050, LED Spotlight-A-JCDR-SMD5050, LED Spotlight-A-JDR+C-SMD3528, LED Spotlight-A-JDR+C-SMD5050, LED Spotlight-A-JDR-SMD5050, LED-SY-GU10+C-SMD3528, LED-SY-GU10+C-SMD5050, LED-SY-GU10-SMD3528, LED-SY-GU10-SMD5050, LED-SY-MR16+C-SMD3528, LED-SY-MR16+C-SMD5050, LED-SY-MR16-SMD3528, LED-SY-MR16-SMD5050,

COB LED Spotlight

LED Spotlight-A-GU10+C-COB, LED Spotlight-A-MR16+C-COB,

DIP/THD LED Spotlight

LED Spotlight-A-GU10+C-DIP THD, LED Spotlight-A-GU10-DIP THD, LED Spotlight-A-JCDR+C-DIP THD, LED Spotlight-A-JCDR-DIP THD, LED Spotlight-A-JDR+C-DIP THD, LED Spotlight-A-JDR-DIP THD, LED Spotlight-A-MR16+C-DIP THD, LED Spotlight-A-MR16-DIP THD,

G4&G9&G53 Series

LED G4 Bulb

LED-A-G4-1W, LED-SY-G4-Power LED, LED-SY-G4-SMD LED-360 Angle, LED-SY-G4-SMD,

LED G9 Bulb

LED-A-G9 12 LED, LED-A-G9-SMD 3528, LED-A-G9-SMD 5050,

LED GX53 Bulb


SMD PLC Light Series

LED-SY-G24-SMD3528-A, LED-SY-G24-SMD5050-A,

LED AR111 Series

AR111 Power LED






LED Downlight

12W Square LED Recessed Lights-12X1W, 3W Rectangular LED Recessed Lights-3X1W, 6W Rectangular LED Recessed Lights-6X1W, 9W Rectangular LED Recessed Lights-9X1W, LED-SY-Downlight-Power LED 12x1W, LED-SY-Downlight-Power LED 15x1W, LED-SY-Downlight-Power LED 3X1W, LED-SY-Downlight-Power LED 5X1W, LED-SY-Downlight-Power LED 6X1W, LED-SY-Downlight-Power LED 7x1W,

LED Cabinet Light

LED Under Cabinet Light

LED Cabinet Down Light ES-211, LED Cabinet Down Light ES-212, LED Cabinet Down Light ES-214, LED Cabinet Down Light ES-215, LED Cabinet Down Light ES-216, LED Touch Induction Lamp ES-210, LED Under Cabinet Light ES-213, LED-SY-Cabinet-SMD-A,

LED Cabinet Strips Light

LED Strip Light ES-311, LED Strip Light ES-312, LED Strip Light ES-313, LED Strip Light ES-314, LED Strip Light ES-315, LED Strip Light ES-319,

LED Panel Light

Square LED Panel

72w-square-led-panel-light, ES-10w-square-led-panel-light, ES-12w-square-led-panel-downlight, ES-20w-square-led-panel-light, ES-21w-square-led-panel-light, ES-30w-square-led-downlight, ES-42w-square-led-panel-light, ES-45w-square-led-downlight, ES-5w-square-led-ceiling-panel-light, ES-72w-square-led-panel-light 300x1200, ES-72w-square-led-panel-light-600x1200, ES-9w-square-led-panel-downlight,

Round LED Panel

11w-round-led-panel-downlight, ES-5w-round-ceiling-led-panel-light, ES-6w-round-ceiling-led-panel-light, ES-6w-round-panel-led-downlight, ES-7w-180mm-round-led-panel-light, ES-8w-round-led-panel-light, ES-10w-round-ceiling-panel-light, ES-11w-round-led-panel-downlight, ES-18w-round-led-panel-downlight, ES-22w-round-led-panel-light,

LED Floodlight

5W-100W LED Floodlights

ES-100W LED Floodlight, ES-100W LED Industrial Flood Light, ES-10W High Power LED Flood Light, ES-10W LED Floodlight, ES-30W LED Flood Light Bulbs, ES-50W LED Billboard Light, ES-80W LED Floodlight, ES-Flood lamp LED 20W,

50W-200W LED Floodlights

ES-100W LED FloodLight, ES-100W LED Tunnel Light, ES-120W LED Exterior Flood Light, ES-160W LED FloodLight, ES-200W LED Flood Lights, ES-240W LED Airport Lighting, ES-50W White LED Flood Light, ES-80W LED Tunnel Light,

Low Voltage LED Floodlights

ES-10W LED Floodlight, ES-20W Low voltage LED Landscape Lighting, ES-30W LED Floodlights, ES-50W LED Outdoor Flood Lights, ES-60W LED Area Lights, ES-80W LED Area Lights,

Narrow Beam Floodlights

ES-100W LED Flood Light Waterproof, ES-100W LED Project Floodlight, ES-120W Professional Flood Luminaires, ES-160W LED Outdoor Spot Light, ES-240W LED Flood Architectural Lighting, ES-50W LED Flood Light, ES-50W LED Garden Floodlights, ES-60W LED Garden Floodlights, ES-80W Bridgelux LED Flood Lamp, ES-80W LED Flood Light,

RGB LED Floodlights

ES-12W RGB LED Flood Light, ES-12W RGB LED Flood Lights, ES-18W RGB LED Flood Light, ES-36W LED RGB Floodlight, ES-36W LED Round Flood Lighting, ES-RGB LED Flood Lights 36W, ES-RGB LED Flood Lights 54W, ES-RGB LED Flood Lights 60W,

LED Street Lighting

E40 Street Light

E40 28W-LED Steet Light-ES001, E40 30W-LED Steet Light-ES002, E40 60W-LED Steet Light-ES003,

Module LED Street Light

60W Module LED Street Light, 120W Module LED Street Light,

High Power LED Street Light

ES-120W New Version High Power Solar LED Street Light, ES-160W New Version High Power Solar LED Street Light, ES-30W40W50W New Version High Power Solar LED Street Light, ES-36W New Version High Power Solar LED Street Light, ES-48W New Version High Power Solar LED Street Light, ES-60W New Version High Power Solar LED Street Light, ES-90W New Version High Power Solar LED Street Light, ES-SL580 Series LED Street Light, ES-SL690 Series LED Street Light, ES-SL760 Series LED Street Light, ES-SL811 Series LED Street Light, ES-SL970 Series LED Street Light,

LED Warehouse Light

E40 Warehouse Light

E40 3528 SMD LED Warehouse Light 15W-ESW4005, E40 3528 SMD LED Warehouse Light 30W-ESW4004, E40 3528 SMD LED Warehouse Light 40W-ESW4002, E40 3528 SMD LED Warehouse Light 60W-ESW4003, E40 3528 SMD LED Warehouse Light-ESW4001,

E27 Warehouse Light

20W E27 LED Warehouse Lights-ESW001, E27 LED 40w Warehouse Lights-ESW006, E27 LED 60W Warehouse Light-ESW005, LED Warehouse Light SMD E27 30W-ESW004, LED Warehouse Light SMD E27 40W-ESW003, LED Warehouse Light SMD E27 60W-ESW002,

LED High Bay Light

150W Industrial LED Lighting Fixtures-ESH002, 150W LED Industrial Lighting-ESH001, 30W New LED Industrial Light-ESH004, 50W New LED Industrial Light-ESH003, E40 Base 60W LED Flat Panel Light-ESH005, E40 Base 90W LED Flat Panel Light-ESH006, Industrial Light Warehouse Light 100W-ESH007,

LED Power Supply

Constant Current LED Power Supply

ES-100W Constant Current Output LED Driver, ES-120W Constant Current Output LED Driver, ES-150W Constant Current Output LED Driver, ES-200W Constant Current Output LED Driver, ES-40W Constant Current Output LED Driver, ES-40W-A Constant Current Output LED Driver, ES-40W-B Constant Current Output LED Driver, ES-50W Constant Current Output LED Driver, ES-75W Constant Current Output LED Driver, ES-85W Constant Current Output LED Driver,

Dimming LED Power Supply

56W Four Channels Output LED Dimming Driver, ES-100W Constant Current Output LED Dimming Driver, ES-120W Constant Current Output LED Dimming Driver, ES-150W Constant Current Output LED Dimming Driver, ES-200W Constant Current Output LED Dimming Driver, ES-40W Constant Current Output LED Dimming Driver, ES-40W-B Constant Current Output LED Dimming Driver, ES-50W Constant Current Output LED Dimming Driver, ES-75W Constant Current Output LED Dimming Driver, ES-85W Constant Current Output LED Dimming Driver,

Energy Saving Lamp

2U Energy Saving Bulb

ES-2U 201 LED Free-Energy saving Bulb, ES-2U 205-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-2U 207-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-2U 209-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-2U 221-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-2U G9-Energy Saving Bulb,

3U Energy Saving Bulb

ES-3U 302 LED Free-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-3U 303-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-3U 307-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-3U 309 LED Free-Energysaving Bulb, ES-3U 313-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-3U 321-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-3U 322-G9-Energy Saving Bulb,

4U Energy Saving Bulb

ES-4U 413-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-4U 424-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-4U 427-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-4U 443-Energy Saving Bulb,

6U Energy Saving Bulb

ES-6U44-Energysaving Bulb

Big Wattage Energy Saving Bulb

ES-Big Wattage 421-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Big Wattage 425-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Big Wattage 5U 88-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Big Wattage 6U 105-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Big Wattage 8U 125-Energy Saving Bulb,

Spiral Series Energy Saving Bulb

ES-Spiral 403 LED Free-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Spiral 404-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Spiral 406-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Spiral 407-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Spiral 408 LED Free-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Spiral 414-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Spiral 415-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Spiral 436-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Spiral 4532(G9)-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Spiral 4533-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Spiral 4540-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Spiral 4540T-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Spiral 4549-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Spiral 4549T-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Spiral 458-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Spiral 4580-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Spiral 4581-Energysaving Bulb, ES-Spiral 463-Energy Saving Bulb,

Big Spiral/Umbrella Energy Saving Bulb

ES-Big Spiral 409-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Big Spiral 410-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Big Spiral 451-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Big Spiral 479-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Big Spiral 480-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Big Spiral 481-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Umbrella 430-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Umbrella 431-Energy Saving Bulb,

Ball/Candle Series Energy Saving Lamp

ES-Ball 502-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Ball 505 LED Free-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Ball 507 LED Free-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Ball 519(A19)-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Ball 521-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Ball 526-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Ball A19-3-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Candle 506-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Candle 510-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Candle 511-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Candle 530-Energy Saving Bulb,

Lotus Series Energy Saving Lamp

ES-8U 125-LH-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Lotus 412-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Lotus 416-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Lotus 428-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Lotus 429-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-Lotus 4758-Energy Saving Bulb,

Circular Series Energy Saving Lamp

ES-Circular 607-Energy Saving Bulb

Tube Series Energy Saving Lamp

ES-T5 Black Light-Fluorescent Tube, ES-T5 Blacklight Blue-Fluorescent Tube, ES-T5 Boric Germicidal-Fluorescent Tube, ES-T5 Colored-Fluorescent Tube, ES-T5-Fluorescent Tube, ES-T8 Black Light-Fluorescent Tube, ES-T8 Blacklight Blue-Fluorescent Tube, ES-T8 Boric Germicidal-Fluorescent Tube, ES-T8 Colored-Fluorescent Tube, ES-T8-Fluorescent Tube, ES-T9 Blacklight Blue-Fluorescent Tube, ES-T9 Colored-Fluorescent Tube, ES-T9-Fluorescent Tube, ES-Tube PLL(PLC)Energy Saving Lamp, ES-Tube PLL(PLC)Energy Saving Lamp, ES-Tube PLT-Energy Saving Lamp,

MR16/GU10 Energy Saving Lamp

ES-GU10-A-Energy Saving Bulb, ES-MR16-Energy Saving Bulb,