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High Power LED Street Lamp

Urban Road Lighting Street Light
  • Min. Order: 10 Bag/Bags
  • Transportation: Ocean,Land
Now road lighting street lamp design is more and more diverse people in order to achieve the lighting effect at the same time but also in the pursuit of beautiful effect In urban road lighting there is also the requirement of landscape lighting The...
Road Lighting Single Arm Street Lamp
  • Min. Order: 10 Bag/Bags
  • Transportation: Ocean,Land
Road lighting street lamps can be divided into many kinds single arm street lamps double arm street lamps self bending arm street lamps and so on This street lamp is a modern and traditional simple single arm street lamp According to the form of...
Classical Single-Arm Street Lamp
This product whether beautiful degree from the appearance or from the green energy saving of lighting effect is the user s love and attention using single arm street lamp will have very good convenience its light in weight convenient and can keep on...
LED Street Lamp Series
  • Min. Order: 10 Bag/Bags
  • Model No.: CX-LED-004,CX-LED-006,CX-LED-007,CX-LED-008,CX-LED-009
  • Transportation: Ocean
The biggest characteristic of lighting LED is the function of directional transmitting light because almost all power LED are equipped with reflectors and the efficiency of such reflectors is obviously higher than that of lamps In addition the...
New LED Street Lamp Holder
  • Min. Order: 10 Bag/Bags
  • Transportation: Ocean
This kind of street lamp head is our new LED street lamp product The appearance design industry is different from its similar products In the process of road lighting the quality and appearance design of street lamps are indispensable Road lighting...
Graphene LED Street Lamp Series
  • Min. Order: 10 Bag/Bags
  • Model No.: CX-LED-010,CX-LED-011,CX-LED-012,CX-LED-013
  • Transportation: Ocean
Graphene has excellent optical electrical mechanical properties the material science micro nano processing energy biological medicine and drug delivery has important application prospect is regarded as a future revolutionary material graphene has...
Graphene Street lamp Series
  • Min. Order: 10 Bag/Bags
  • Model No.: CX-DL-007,CX-DL-008,CX-DL-009
  • Transportation: Ocean
Graphene module is now a new kind of module type graphene is composed of carbon atoms in sp squared type of hybrid orbitals hexagonal honeycomb lattice in two dimensional carbon nano materials compared with the traditional aluminum module graphene...
LED Walkway Lights Series
  • Min. Order: 10 Bag/Bags
  • Model No.: CX-DL-093,CX-DL-094
  • Transportation: Ocean
These street lamps are used on both sides of the road Our company has many street lamp products with different shapes so the matching lamp rods are different The lamp head design of this kind of lamp is quite special here the lamp pole is used...
Led Outdoor Security Lights
  • Min. Order: 10 Bag/Bags
  • Model No.: CX-DL-089,CX-DL-090,CX-DL-091,CX-DL-092
  • Transportation: Ocean
LED street lamp lighting products as a new road it has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving stable and reliable luminous efficiency than traditional road lighting is several times higher than that of high pressure sodium lamp...
LED Solar Ground Lights
  • Min. Order: 10 Bag/Bags
  • Model No.: CX-DL-084,CX-DL-085,CX-DL-086,CX-DL-087,CX-DL-088
  • Transportation: Ocean
General light source with high pressure sodium lamp or LED street lamps these a few street lights can be designed for amphibious different light source for road lighting select a specific street lamp head with them is tie in light pole is hot dip...
LED High Quality Street Lamp
  • Min. Order: 10 Bag/Bags
  • Model No.: CX-DL-078,CX-DL-079,CX-DL-080,CX-DL-081,CX-DL-082
  • Transportation: Ocean
High pressure sodium lamp which is called the third generation lighting source was only introduced in the 1960s Due to high pressure sodium lamp with high luminous efficiency long life acceptable and not trap color not easy to cause the fading...
LED Characteristic Street Lamp Lighting
  • Min. Order: 10 Bag/Bags
  • Model No.: CX-DL-073,CX-DL-074,CX-DL-075,CX-DL-076,CX-DL-077
  • Transportation: Ocean
In this era energy conservation and emission reduction are vigorously advocated by every country In the field of outdoor lighting the research and use of energy saving lighting lamps are also continuing These street lamps in our company are also...
LED Lighting Equipment Series
  • Min. Order: 10 Bag/Bags
  • Model No.: CX-DL-070,CX-DL-071,CX-DL-072
  • Transportation: Ocean
These street lamps are our company s characteristic high pressure sodium lamp because of the unique appearance energy saving light efficiency is very popular High pressure sodium lamp is also one of the traditional street lamps but in this era of...
LED  Powered Outdoor Pathway Lights
  • Min. Order: 10 Bag/Bags
  • Model No.: CX-DL-068,CX-DL-069
  • Transportation: Ocean
These high pressure sodium lamps are widely used in roads highways airports wharves shipyards stations squares street junctions industrial and mining enterprises parks courtyard lighting and plant cultivation High colour high pressure sodium vapor...
Arms High Power LED Street Light
  • Min. Order: 10 Bag/Bags
  • Model No.: CX-DL-008,CX-DL-002,CX-DL-011
  • Transportation: Ocean
Road Lighting Series Road Lighting Road Lighting Decoration Road Lighting Book High Power Led Street Lamp Led Street Lamp Led Street Lamp Bulbs Led Street Lamp Price 1 There are various of colors to choose from 2 The lamp is mainly suitable for...
LED Street Light Fittings
  • Min. Order: 10 Bag/Bags
  • Model No.: CX-DL-064,CX-DL-065,CX-DL-066,CX-DL-067
  • Transportation: Ocean
LED street lamp power supply system is also different from the traditional light source LED by realizing the constant current drive power is to guarantee the normal work of a large foundation a simple scheme of switch power supply damage often a LED...
Energy-saving LED Road Light
  • Min. Order: 10 Bag/Bags
  • Model No.: CX-DL-052,CX-DL-053,CX-DL-054,CX-DL-055
  • Transportation: Ocean
LED street lamp with conventional street lamps the LED light source adopts low voltage dc power supply by GaN power type synthetic efficiency white light blue light leds and yellow is efficient safe energy saving environmental protection long...
Chinese Style Road Street Lamp
  • Model No.: CX-DL-047,CX-DL-048,CX-DL-049,CX-DL-050,CX-DL-051
Red represents auspiciousness in China these a few street lamp design is biased towards Chinese wind rod body with hot dip galvanized after electrostatic pensu processing and the color of the rod body can also the be fond of according to the...
High Quality Waterproof LED Street Light
  • Min. Order: 10 Bag/Bags
  • Model No.: CX-DL-042,CX-DL-043,CX-DL-044,CX-DL-045,CX-DL-046
  • Transportation: Ocean
LED street lamp which semiconductor lighting it is a solid cold light source green pollution free less power consumption high photosynthetic efficiency long life therefore the LED street lamp is the best choice of the road lighting energy saving...
Retro Road Street Lamps
  • Min. Order: 10 Bag/Bags
  • Model No.: CX-DL-037,CX-DL-038,CX-DL-039,CX-DL-040,CX-DL-041
  • Transportation: Ocean
Street lamp appearance variety can be a Chinese wind can is the European classical also can be the restoring ancient ways each kind of style for a side water and soil a region to add a different atmosphere The appearance of the classical street lamp...
China High Power LED Street Lamp Suppliers

High-power Led Street Lamp is a kind of mainstream light source configuration widely used in Road Lighting project.The aluminum alloy surface of its radiator is treated with deep anodic oxidation, which can resist all kinds of harsh environment.In addition, its patented vertical natural convection heat dissipation structure, high heat dissipation efficiency, small volume, light weight, at the same time, it uses high quality long life LED packaging materials, LED light pass maintenance rate.

high-power led street lamp

Technical parameters

Power source




LED junction temperature


LED luminous efficiency

100 Im/W

The initial light flux


Light output efficiency of light


Color temperature


Color rendering


Power factor


Protection class


Operating temperature


Wind Index

12 level

Lamp life