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Current trends in urban lighting

Current trends in urban lighting


At present, our country city lighting management agencies belong to construction, urban management, electricity and other different systems, there are a certain number of city lighting custody and multi-sectoral management or the phenomenon of "regional segmentation management", so that the management process, the work of each management department have different responsibilities, mutual coordination, the existence of this phenomenon is bound to influence the work efficiency of city lighting management, restricting the various energy-saving measures and policy implementation, and directly affect the normal operation of the urban lighting construction and management.


    Special planning is not ideal

    In the 12th five-year plan period, 40% of the cities have not completed the urban lighting planning, and some of the cities have not included the requirements or measures of energy conservation in the urban lighting planning, which fundamentally restricts the development of urban lighting energy conservation.Due to the lack of planning and the lack of programmatic guidance for energy conservation in urban lighting, the phenomenon of high power density, high brightness and one-sided pursuit of novelty and difference in Road Lighting emerges one after another, which violates the basic requirements of lighting, destroys ecology and forms light pollution.

Shaoguan huanyuan road

    The level of city lighting is uneven

    With the acceleration of urbanization and the increase of urban area, the development of road lighting in many areas is uneven.In many remote areas, the lighting level is often not up to standard, while in the bustling urban areas, but blindly pursue brightness, resulting in light pollution.

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