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The sixth china-central Asia cooperation BBS

The sixth china-central Asia cooperation BBS


Yangzhou is the national green new energy characteristic industry base, the national semiconductor lighting industrialization base and the first national new energy demonstration city.Solar photovoltaic industry has formed a "polycrystalline silicon, monocrystalline silicon wafers - the solar cell components - solar energy application" relatively complete industrial chain, the semiconductor lighting industry has formed a "substrate materials - epitaxial wafer - chip encapsulation -" a relatively complete industrial chain, owns a batch of domestic and foreign well-known enterprises such as ja solar, gathered the ntu yangzhou photoelectric institute and so on more than 10 research and development institutions


Jiangsu ChengXu electric group co., LTD., founded in 2003, the company set design, development, production, construction, operation, the main products include traditional outdoor lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting, LED lighting, solar outdoor lighting, landscape lighting, Building Lighting, and other fields, products cover LED and solar outdoor lighting, intelligent lighting, landscape lighting, building lighting, 3 d printing, dynamic sculpture, etc.;Project design of smart city, EMC, EPC, PPP and other fields.It has branches and business divisions in xinjiang, henan, hebei, Beijing, zhejiang, shandong, heilongjiang, shenzhen, guangxi, jiangxi, shanxi, etc.

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